Music rooms

The college has two practice rooms available to use by students, each with an upright piano. Music Room 2 also contains a drum kit. The rooms are located in Lyon Court, and can be booked using the folders in the porters’ lodge.

Old Hall grand piano

Advanced pianists, particularly those preparing for significant examinations or performances, can request permission to use the Boston grand piano in the Old Hall when the hall is not in use. Note that the piano must not be moved from the alcove in which it is stored without the supervision of a member of the MagSoc committee. Permission to use it can be sought be emailing the MagSoc President (

College Chapel upright pianos

The college chapel contains two upright pianos. These are not administered by MagSoc, but may be available for student use at times. Further information can be sought by contacting the Chaplain and the Organ Scholars, whose contact information can be found here.