If you play an instrument as a hobby, a distraction from work, or an occasional treat, this is the competition for you, and there is £100 to win!

The Tyro competition is open to all graduate and undergraduate students at Queens’ with some exceptions listed below

The performers will come together to give an informal concert at 7pm on Monday 28th March in Old Hall. At the end of the evening, an award will be made of £100 to one of the entrants, to further their musical life in the college. There is no minimum standard for the piece presented: instead, the judges will be interested only in the performance and what the music means to you. MagSoc can provide a piano accompanist if one is required.

Tyro is the Latin term for a novice. The Tyro Music Prize was established to promote the music-making of every day students at Queens’ (i.e. rather than Music students, music scholars, people with a diploma on an instrument), in the hope of encouraging people who play an instrument purely as a hobby to continue their music making whilst at Queens’, and to allow confidence in music to spread to the rest of their university life. As such people who are choral scholars (or similar) at any Cambridge college, music students or hold a diploma in music (i.e. DipABRSM or ATCL) are not eligible for this competition.

You can enter the competition by filling out this form here

Competition Rules

The Tyro Prize is open to all current students at Queens’ who play an instrument or sing as a hobby, and do not hold any higher education qualifications in music, are not music students and are not choral/ organ scholars (or similar). All instruments, voice types, genres, and backgrounds are welcome, and past performances have ranged from classical pianists and jazz singers to bagpipes and traditional Chinese instruments. Entrants will perform together in a concert on 28th February, at the end of which one entrant will be selected to receive a prize of £100 to further their musical life in college.

Entrants should prepare a piece/song of their choice, with a recommended length of between 3 and 8 minutes. A single movement/section from a longer work is entirely acceptable; performing multiple movements/sections is permissible only if their total length does not exceed the recommended length.

The performances will be judged by a panel of three judges, who shall be the MagSoc President, the MagSoc Senior Treasurer, and another fellow of the college. The decision of the judges, after hearing all entrants perform, shall be final. Every effort will be made to ensure that all entrants are able to perform in the Tyro Prize Concert, though in the unlikely event that there are too many entrants for this to be possible, the MagSoc Committee reserves the right to hold a preliminary round before the date of the concert to choose which entrants should perform. If a preliminary round is held, entrants should perform the same piece/song in the preliminary round and the concert.